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Windows Phone


Windows Phone 8 features 

Customizable Lock Screen :

Lock screen display data like live tiles.  App need to support it.

 Integration with Skype: 

Recive chat notification and skype calls from windows phone.  You can sswitch between Skype call and regular phone call.


Pandora is available on Windows phone 8.  Pandora gives 1 year free music on your phone.


Kids’s Corner

You can give your phone to kids.  To ensure they do not accidently delete contact etc yo can use Kids conrner feature.  In this you can put apps, game, music,videos.  Kids can safly se this

 Data Sense

This feature ensure that you do not overuse, cross your data allotment given by mobile career.

Data sense also switches over to Wi-Fi easily and help you find local Wi-Fi spots./p>


Room is new feature. On Windows phone 8 you can create a room for group of people.  It is extension of People Hub feature on windows 8. In a room there is collection of people who can use shared, private message string.  These people/contact in room can also use Shared calendar, shared notices.  Calendar can be shared across Iphone too.


This feature is very useful if you are planning a party, cricket, soccer game.span style="mso-spacerun:yes">  A room and  shared calendar can be used for team playing a match.

 XBOX Music

You can access all music via XBOX music service.  XBOX music service has 30 million tracks


Skydrive integration

Sky drive is fully integrated into Windows Phone 8.  You can store, Photos, documents, Data and access it from PC, Windows 8 tablet, Windows Phone 8.

 Iphone Cloud has 30 day limit to store photos.  Micorsoft skydrive store it indefinitely.