Ipad Features

Ratina Display:   Four times more pixels than iPad 2. It has Razor-sharp text and Richer colors. The Retina display transforms the entire iPad experience. So everything looks great and  detailed.
2048-by-1536 resolution, 44 percent greater color saturation, and an astounding 3.1 million pixels — in the same 9.7-inch space.

Quick Start:    IPAD start quickly. Every time you use Home button or open the Smart Cover, IPAD is ready to go. That’s the work of flash storage in IPAD. It’s fast and reliable, so you can get to your apps and do whatever you need to dd instantly

Battery Life:   10 hour of battery life to use IPAD. Designed to ensure that even if you are out for whole day you can enjoy IPAD.

Camera:   5-megapixel iSight camera has a backside illumination sensor. The Cammera in IPAD is capable of taking pictures in sunlight and in candlelight. Function like Autofocus can be set by tap. Built-in face detection that automatically balances focus and exposure across up to 10 faces

HD Video Recording:Use IPAD for great video Recording.. The iSight camera on the new iPad keeps you ready to capture video recording. For Video recording IPAD camera has 1080p HD, automatic video stabilization that remove bumps and shakes from recording.

Connection:   IPAd is designed to be connected at all times. IPAD has cellular antennas to access a larger frequency spectrum. You can use Wi-Fi, home network or local SIM card.

Speed:  The iPad has support for fast cellular including 4G LTE networks in the U.S. and Canada. You can browse web faster, stream content, or download a movie, video at great speeds. It also works on GSM/UMTS worldwide network technologies including HSPA, HSPA+, and DC-HSDPA — the fastest 3G networks out there. You’ll see downlink speeds up to 42 Mbps with DC-HSDPA and up to 21.1 Mbps with HSPA.

Ios Mobile Operating System:   iOS is operating system for IPad and IPhone Mobile. Ios has multiple built in apps and is designed for Multi-Touch. Ios by default give you many features such as — including Siri, Maps, and Facebook integration.

ICloud:   iCloud is Cloud by Apple. It gives you storage for music, photos, apps, mail, contacts, calendars, documents. From your IPad system is capable of wirelessly pushing them to cloud and other devices of yours. So if you buy a song, take a photo, or edit a calendar event on your iPad, iCloud makes sure it appears on your Mac, iPhone, and iPod touch, too.

Apps:   Apps for iPad are asset. There are more than — 250,000 app available. IPad apps are designed to work on beautiful 9.7-inch screen, Multi-Touch, the accelerometer, the gyroscope.

Case and Cover:   PAD has special case and coverto protect it from dirt, pollution and scratches. IPAD Smart Cover and Smart Case wake and sleep when you open and close IPAD. And both Case and Cover can be folded into handy stands for watching video, pictures or typing